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Living in Japan brings experiences on a daily basis if you don’t let yourself get into the methodical routines or take the time to walk the unbeaten path. So many options are available so that one can expand their mind, thinking, and horizons.  What is the world to you? How can one get in touch with nature in a concrete jungle that is Tokyo?

Being from Texas I’m accustomed to seeing plains of green as far as the eye can see. A short drive will take you to the hill country, sliced through by rivers flowing freely with banks of soft sand. Driving at night had its own challenges: Dodging raccoons and deer running out in front of your car or just refusing to move. Mornings started with the sounds of squirrels outside the window playing in the trees.

Tokyo. 8:00 wake up to the sound of construction workers doing morning exercises, followed by what seems to be the dropping and throwing of all the building materials. I had started to feel the need to find some place to get away but not necessarily leave the city.

The Japanese Garden.

The Japanese gardens of Tokyo always are surrounded by skyscrapers and accessible by trains and almost always out of place. Japan’s four true seasons offer an extraordinary chance to see different flowers that bloom seasonally. The same one garden can bring a new experience from the colds winds of winter to the songbirds of spring and the pesky mosquitoes of summer. Those that can’t make the trips to Hakone or Kyoto or don’t wish to deal with the crowds can have a small taste by going to the “Light ups” in which leaves changing colors are illuminated for the busy workers of Tokyo to enjoy by night.

If you are stressed, worried, angry, sad or happy, take the time to enjoy your local Japanese Gardens.