imageThe Golden Pavilion in Kyoto

Old Culture, New Perspective


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imageThe Golden Pavilion in Kyoto Skytree in Tokyo

First of all, let me happy new year to everyone reading this post! It is the year of the horse and it holds the promise of a bright and prosperous year.  I was fortunate enough have my brother and brother in law visit me from Canada for this first time this winter holiday. This meant that I could experience Japan once again for the first time through their eyes.

Our itinerary included Kobe, Kyoto, Osaka, Nara and Tokyo. We visited the old and the new, and everything in between. Some of the highlight included Osaka castle with the old classic style combined with new street entertainment. Kyoto treated us to an amazing view of the golden pavilion in the snow and Fushimi-inari in the sunlight. Kobe provided a gourmet treat with a beautiful harbour view and the old western settlements of Kitano. Finally, Tokyo wowed us with is vast combinations of old and new and the amazing city views from Skytree.

Things that my family commented on, that I now take for granted, include; vending machines are accessible everywhere demonstrating the convenience of life here, the amazing public transportation system with trains trains and more trains, the high level of customer service everywhere, the delicious food beyond tempura and sushi, and the sheer vastness of consumer choice when it comes to shopping.

It was a memorable trip for them and one that helped reintroduce a side of Japan that I have not seen for quite some some…including Kinkakuji (The Golden Pavilion) in a snow shower that made it look amazing!

Happy 2014 everyone!