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Taboo? Lack of knowledge? Lack of interest? I have been to the Imperial Palace so many times. I have friends that run around it, I like to ride my bike near and around it. Sometimes I even go inside to the inner gardens.  I’ve seen the gardens at its best, the sakura season in spring.

On December 23rd 2013 I went to the Imperial Palace grounds for a new reason. I didn’t know I would be standing in a line for two hours and slowly walking 2km with 20,000 people. I saw something that most Japanese only see on TV, or say they want to go to, but never actually do. I myself am guilty of this on numerous occasions passing up the chance to go for a three day snowboarding bonanza.

It was an amazing feeling to see and hear Japanese flags being raised and the shouts of, “Tenou Banzai!”A picture can say a thousand words, but this time less words in exchange for a special chance have these photos.

Imperial Family