My Japanese parents

To me, these two are my treasure.

Mcintyre Allan

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I don’t have a house, I live in a room in a house.

I’m going to brag, be a little over-confident, and tell you that I am in fact the luckiest person in Japan. I worked for a company that has since gone bankrupt soon after coming here. I lived in the great city of Nagoya, but even better, I worked in a small town in the Gifu prefecture call Tajimi. Around that time I was getting adjusted to eating Japanese food so rather than always going to bread shop, I started to go to shop that sold various Japanese style lunches called “Bento”. Not being able to communicate at that time, all I could do was smile at all the workers as I pointed to the food I would try, not knowing what the result would be. Sometimes the fish would be great, but only after scraping off all of the sauce it was covered with.
Anyways, while always going to this shop a young lady would always smile when I came by and sometime throw in an extra treat.
Days I had to ride the last train, she would bring me bread and chicken that was leftover from both stores.

I would come to be friends with this nice lady and soon after her husband. Right as my company was going through a bankruptcy and having received notice that I would need to move out of my apartment, I was invited into this family’s house. This was the start of a new life not only for me but also for those that are now referenced as host mother and father in conversation but honestly I have a new family. I have had help in many areas that most people that have lived here would have decided to go home. I’ve been supported through the bad and shared smiles during the good.

Because I’m now still with this family, living in Tokyo, years later ,in a room in a house.

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My Japanese parents