Light up at Rikugien

How exactly do you say “Howdy Ya’ll” in Japanese?

Mcintyre Allan

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Often, I’m asked why, did you come to Japan? How long have you lived here? What food do you like?

Well, I’m Allan McIntyre and I’m from Austin,Texas.I came to Japan to learn and experience new things and make a new life and I have lived here for just over 6 years. I like Takoyaki. When I first arrived in Japan not understanding what I was in for, the first food I ate was takoyaki. While a bit scared when I saw octopus in food for the first time, it was the best.

I’m happy to be a writer for Wa-Kei but how it came about is a long story, but keeping it short, I have been lucky my whole life here in Japan and with the help of the great people that helped me in the darkest of times, and the people I met along the way, here I am! Learning to speak Japanese, this has been the best of experiences.

Through the words written on this blog and various post and different pictures, I believe you will see that Japan has many different places and things that make the culture great, so much to do, but sometimes it’s the things that happen all the time that make Japan standout.

Light up at Rikugien

Light up Reflections

The reds of momiji

 The wide shot

The pictures above was taken at Rikugien near Komagome station. I have been here on numerous occasions and each time find it more and more appealing and enjoyable. Christmas in Japan isn’t about nativity scenes, a little about Santa Claus and two tier snowmen and most importantly it’s a day to go on a date.

“Light-ups” are also a unique part of Japan and the seasons changing that coincide with Christmas and many people take time to appreciate the colors and also stop by a place that usually isn’t stopped at for a once a year view of a Japanese garden at night.

I look forward to writing, and I hope you continue to read and enjoy the post from everyone. Please leave comments or ask questions and expect to get a first-person point of view response!